Fact finding on RogerVoice


Business and mission

RogerVoice helps the deaf and hard of hearing make phone calls. Their clients are call centers and telecom carriers.


CEO : Olivier Jeannel de Thiersant

At 2 years of age, Olivier lost a significant part of his hearing. Growing up in the United States, he experienced the dawn of the Internet and the culmination of the disability rights movement. After graduating from UC Berkeley and Sciences Po Paris, he began his career at Orange. Through his involvement in associations promoting disability awareness, Olivier realized that telephone accessibility is a major challenge that can now be solved through advances in digital technology.


Problem they solve

People with hearing problems who still want to use their phones for what they are originally intended to be used for: making calls.

How they solve it ?

RogerVoice subtitles phone calls for the hard-of-hearing.RogerVoice also uses a VoIP platform to do the brunt of transcribing the phone call. As it is VoIP, you don’t need any special carrier feature and only need a stable Internet connection. RogerVoice promises that your calls are all private and confidential as there are no human intermediaries, but the presence of a centralized server might be a cause of worry for some. RogerVoice can also transcribe speech in many major languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Greek, and Japanese, but it doesn’t do translations.


Why is this a company to watch and follow ?

RogerVoice is a good example of how technology has the potential of profoundly altering how we communicate, share information and learn and bring people, things and services together that couldn’t be brought together before. It won’t have hundreds of millions of users, but it can significantly change the life of a lot of people. It is the next big thing to make the world more accessible.


What will improve their contribution to Inclusive Growth